Ovine, Canada

Ovine Canada Companies Worldwide
  • USA. Manufacturers of natural sponges, chamois, synthetic sponges, natural loofah and loofah products, bath and body brushes, and assorted cleaning accessories. Fish oil
  • India. Manufacturers of drum dyed, suede and finished goat leathers for footwear applications.
  • UK. Multi-national manufacturers of vegetable and cod oil tanned sheep and lamb chamois and skiver leathers, and pickled grains for drying, cleaning and polishing,
  • New Zealand. Tanners of cod liver oil processed lamb and sheep skin chamois leather. Technical information. On-line ordering.
  • Turkey. Manufacturers of cod liver oil tanned sheepskin chamois leather for cleaning and drying. Also, vegetable tanned skiver leather for apparel and leather goods
  • France. Manufacturers of vegetable tanned and custom finished lamb leathers for garments, footwear and leathergoods. Also, chamoix, and goat, calf and reptile leathers.
  • Turkey. Manufacturers of cod oil tanned sheep skin chamois and skiver leathers for drying, bookbinding and leathergoods, in full skins, cuts and patchwork cloth. Also, a