Natural Tanned, Canada

Natural Tanned Canada Companies Worldwide
  • Spain. Manufacturers of vegetable tanned suede, and aniline and semi-aniline finished lamb, calf and goat leathers and hair-on hides for the footwear and leather goods
  • Italy. Group of companies, specialised in the production of traditional vegetable tanned leathers for apparel, footwear, upholstery and leather goods. Description of
  • UK. Manufacturers of vegetable tanned, aniline and semi-aniline finished, nubuck and nappa lamb and cow leathers for fashion, industrial, technical, military and
  • Germany. Traditional cellular ground, oak bark tanned leathers for the consumer and orthopeadical footwear industry. Description of technical properties and footwear
  • Italy. Manufacturers of vegetable tanned sole leathers for the footwear industry. English and Italian.
  • India. Vegetable tanned cow, buffalo and goat leather for the garment, footwear and accessories industries. Custom finishing services. Also, collections of ready-made
  • Italy. Manufacturers of vegetable tanned, dyed, and aniline and full grain finished kid, lamb and calf leathers for apparel and gloves applications. English and Italian.
  • USA. Manufacturers of vegetable tanned leathers for bird toy supplies and footwear. Contract cutting of washers and gaskets.
  • USA. Specialty vegetable tanned leathers for garments, sports goods and luggage. Link to price list. Information on vegetable tanning, and grading of hides.
  • USA. Contract tannery of crust, grain or split, custom dyed and finished North American white tail deer, elk, moose, bison, cow, goat and horse leathers for footwear,
  • Italy. Manufacturers of slow-tanned sole leathers. English and Italian.
  • Taiwan. Manufacturers of chrome free grain and glazed split, nappa, nubuck and suede pig leathers for garments, footwear and leather goods. Technical specifications.
  • China. Manufacturers of natural tanned pig skin leathers for apparel and fashion accessories, leather goods, footwear, upholstery, and luggage and bags. English and
  • Argentina. Manufacturers of natural tanned, natural and cow, giraffe, panther, zebra and tiger pattern stencilled leathers and hair-on skins for apparel, upholstery,
  • Taiwan. Manufacturers of naturally tanned suede, nubuck, nappa, split and full grain dyed and pigmented pig leathers for apparel, footwear and fashion accessories.
  • Turkey. Vertically integrated multi-national group of companies, active in pit and drum vegetable tanned kid, sheep, goat and bovine nappa and suede leathers for
  • Australia. Manufacturers of vegetable tanned, dry and wax finished cow, kangaroo and sheep leathers for applications in saddlery, harnesses and bridles. Also, hardware
  • UK. Manufacturers and suppliers of vegetable tanned, dressed and finished leathers bridle, saddle and equestrian, and leather goods applications. Detailed product
  • Sweden. Manufacturers of wood extract tanned, natural colored, and semi- and full-aniline dyed leathers for garments, bags, footwear, upholstery and straps. Also, a
  • Italy. Manufacturers of vegetable tanned, hand painted, airbrush finished and hand plugged reptile leathers for footwear, garments and leather goods. Detailed leather
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