Hides and Skins, Canada

Hides and Skins Canada Companies Worldwide
  • Canada. Manufacturers and suppliers of trimmed, fleshed and conventional pig, horse, cow, sheep, goat, deer and moose hides and skins to the leather tanning industry.
  • Germany. Processors of chilled, wet blue, wet and drum sulted, crust and chrome tanned cow and sheep skins and hides. Also, various types of greasy wools. Technical
  • New Zealand. Animal by-product processing and exporting company. Manufacturers of wetblue tanned cattle hides, and wet salted, pickled and wetblue sheep, lamb, goat and
  • South Africa. Fellmongers, processors and exporters of South African raw, pickled and wetblue kid, lamb, sheep and cow hides and skins. Also, greasy, sliped and
  • Canada. Diversified group of companies, active in animal by-products, transportation and logistics, and food and agricultural products transloading and warehousing.
  • Finland. Processors of drum salted reindeer skins and hides for decoration, rugs, seat cover, and clothing applications.
  • UK. Import and distribution of salted reindeer skins for seat cover, decoration and rugs. Also, re-enactor knives and helmets. Links to related sites.
  • Cyprus. International traders in raw bovine, lamb and sheep, and kid and goat hides and skins to the leather tanning industry. Also, clips of greasy wool. Links to
  • Switzerland. International trading house for wet salted and crust bovine, calf, lamb, sheep, deer and goat hides and skins. Technical information.
  • USA. Suppliers, brokers, exporters and importers of raw cattle hides, pigskins, and wetblue and crust leathers. Product information. Weekly market and export reports.
  • The Netherlands. Import and wholesale distribution of Scandinavian, Argentinian and Dutch reindeer, cow, sheep, lamb and goat hides and skins. Also, leather goods, and
  • Australia. Exporters and suppliers of salted, pickled and wet blue calf, deer, kangaroo and goat skins, and cattle and ox hides. Technical information. Leather guide and
  • UK. International brokers and traders in raw pickled, air dried, dry and wet salted, and wetblue pig, sheep and lamb, goat and calf skins and cattle hides, and drop
  • USA. Wholesale suppliers of stocklots of split, full grain and suede cow sides, kid skin, linings, pig skin and novelty leathers for garments, footwear and leather goods.
  • USA. Traders in raw, and semi-processed and finished pig, deer and sheep skins and leathers.
  • Canada. International traders and wholesale distributors of ranch and wild raw fur. Also, fur auction services.
  • USA. Traders in zebra, crocodile, cow, springbok and ostrich hides and skins for the textile garment and accessories industries. Also, rugs, kudu horns, pillow covers
  • USA. International traders in raw and dressed fur, leather, and raw wool.
  • UK. World wide traders and suppliers of cow, sheep, lamb, goat and camel hides and skins.
  • France. Sourcing of fine grade hides for the tanning industry. Detailed product catalog, including technical specifications. Links to related sites. English and French.
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