Diversified Tanning Techniques, Canada

Diversified Tanning Techniques Canada Companies Worldwide
  • Algeria. Manufacturers of vegetable and chrome tanned, dyed and finished split, full grain, pull-up and nubuck calf and goat leathers for footwear, upholstery and
  • South Africa. Importers, wholesalers, converters and accessory manufacturers in the leather industry. Chrome and vegetable tanned, full and corrected grain, pigmented
  • Korea. Tanners of split suede cow, deer, lamb and ostrich leathers for apparel and footwear. English and Korean.
  • Korea. Manufacturers of a wide range of chrome and natural tanned, dyed, printed, embossed and finished leathers for garments, footwear and leathergoods. Detailed
  • India. Manufacturers of vegetable, mineral or combination tanned, re-tanned, dyed, printed, finished and embossed cow, buffalo, sheep and goat leathers for garments,
  • China. Versatile manufacturers of textile and leather products from animal by-products. Tanneries for goat, pig and cow skins and hides for footwear, garments and
  • China. Manufacturers of leathers for upholstery, footwear and automotive applications. Also, leather furniture and automotive seats. English and Chinese.
  • Pakistan. Diversified group of companies, active in leather processing and textiles. Manufacturers of goat skins, and cow and buffalo calf hides for apparel, footwear
  • Korea. Multi-national group of companies, active in genuine and artificial leathers for apparel and footwear, automotive and upholstery, and leather goods applications.
  • Italy. Tanneries for bovine and goat skins for the garment, footwear, bags and accessories industries. Suede, nappa, shearling, embossed and screen printed, and a
  • Germany. Manufacturers of calf, cow, goat, deer and sheep skins for drum and timpani heads, and parchments for antique restoration, bookbinding, upholstery, wallpaper an
  • France. Manufacturers of a variety of vegetable and synthetically tanned, natural, dyed, printed and embossed leathers for garments, footwear, lining, bookbinding and
  • Austria. Multi-national manufacturers of vegetable and synthetically tanned, finished and dyed split leathers for upholstery applications. Also, cut and sew services for
  • Turkey. Tanners of a variety of leathers for the apparel and footwear, and upholstery industries. English and Turkish.
  • Italy. Manufacturers of chrome, vegetable and white tanned, embossed and printed cow, sheep, goat, lamb, bull and buffalo leathers for upholstery, garments, footwear and
  • Italy. Manufacturers of cow and goat suede and nappa leathers for the footwear industry. English, Italian and French.
  • Sweden. Multi-national tanners and processors of aniline leathers for upholstery and automotive applications. Technical specifications. Product comparison charts.
  • The Netherlands. Wholesale producers of leathers for upholstery, footwear, bags, belts and contract applications. Detailed product information. English and Dutch.
  • Italy. Tanners of leathers for garments and upholstery applications. On-line color chart.
  • Austria. Manufacturers of chrome and vegetable tanned leathers for footwear, decoration and leather goods applications. Custom manufacturing services. English and German.
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