Agriculture and Forestry, Canada

Agriculture and Forestry Canada Companies Worldwide
  • A global company marketing its proprietary agricultural, biotechnology, seeds, potato minitubers, and value-added foods worldwide.
  • Aftermarket replacement parts for heavy equipment.
  • Free classifieds, commodity quotes, and weather.
  • Produces a range of agricultural and industrial equipment and specializes in farmyard and factory pollution control equipment.
  • Includes agriculture related links and farming information.
  • Soil restoration and stabilization services and products.
  • Fee based agricultural photos and graphics.
  • A tree and vegetation contractor providing services in forestry maintenance, arboriculture, management of railway, highway and environmentally sensitive land in the UK.
  • Supplying consistent quality products and services to agriculture, mainly in feed, grain, fertilizer, and fuel.
  • Tobacco leaf dealer located in Springfield, Tennessee.
  • USA. Division of the Agricultural Marketing Service in the US Department of Agriculture, dedicated to support the orderly and efficient marketing of U.S. cotton,
  • Services and products for the GIS and GPS industry.
  • Provides services for the cotton industry and farmers in California and Arizona.
  • Provides digital image processing and analysis of remotely sensed data.
  • Thailand-based global conglomerate with operations and investments in agribusiness, crop integration, pet food manufacturing, seed fertilizers and plant protection
  • Provides financial services to the perishable agriculture industry, including growers, shippers, processors and brokers. Production, real estate, trade, and vendor
  • Provides marketing and management expertise to the agricultural and food industries.
  • Free publication on raising Angora goats presented by the University of California at Davis.
  • Provides financial services to agricultural and rural communities: Insurance, loans, investments, and farm business; news and information for farmers and ranchers.
  • Provides information, research, policies and programs to achieve security of the food system and health of the environment. Includes policies, activities, databases,
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